The number of suicides of farmers in marathwada region of Maharashtra state of India has been increasing every year. Situation is alarming for the society. Media has been giving wide publicity to such instances. Government and some organizations have been helping such unfortunate families.
Mr. Shamsundar Panditrao Kanke director of Dr. Hedgewar Memorial Public School Aurangabad thought about school going children of such families and tried to handle the issue single handedly.
Mr. Kanke obtained list of farmers who have committed suicide from collector’s office of respective districts. He then posted letters to such family member. Mr. Kanke then visited such families personally and by gaining their confidence brought as many as 200 children to Aurangabad in June 2015 for imparting education to them.
Mr. Kanke rented a three storied building near by his school and made arrangement of residence and meals of such 200 children. All such children are between age group of 5 to 15 and students of 1st to 11th standard. All such children are admitted in his school referred above .

A separate charitable trust is registered in the office of charity commissioner Aurangabad with reg. no. F-1253(Aurangabad) in the name and style as “Shree Sai Gramin Punarrachana Sanstha” .
Some of the widows having nobody to take their care are also brought to Aurangabad and suitable work is provided to them.

Media has taken note of the work undertaken by Mr. Kanke .In effect of such publicity many persons and organizations have been coming forward to help such children. Considering the magnitude of the work undertaken it is clear that it is not the job of only Mr. Kanke, every person and organization realizing the social responsibility is required to treat such children as “OUR CHILDREN” (AAPLI MULE) and kind generously to meet the basic needs of such children.
Some of such kids being of tender age do not appear to be in a position to understand about suicide, where their father has gone and why they are brought to Aurangabad.

Mr. Kanke has taken initiative but it is the responsibility of all the citizens of the society to assist him donating generously for the noble cause. It is our duty to shape the future of such children by imparting proper education to them. Late Dr. A. P. J. Kalam said, “let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow.
All sensitive person and organizations hereby sincerely requested to donate generously for the better future of such children.

Anil Amlekar
(Ret. District Judge)